Top Dog Pantry

Large Bag of Chips $4.50
Jar of Salsa $5.00
Jar of House Pickles $5.50
Onion Jam $4.00
Relish Squeezer, House Ketchup Squeezer,
House Garlic Sauce Squeezer, Verde Ranch, Chipotle Cream, or Jalapeno Cilantro Ranch Squeezer $3.50 each

Top Dog Catering

Any Taco Meat $20.00 per Quart
Queso $12.00 per Quart
Deli Tray of Taco Fixings $25.00
(Feeds 12)
Tortillas $3.50 per dozen
Beans and Rice $10.00 per Quart
Top Dogs and Fixings $7.50 pp
Beef and Chicken Fajitas $12.00 pp
Famous Brisket Enchiladas $7.00 pp
Chips $4.50 per bag
Corn Relish $10.00 per Quart
Breakfast Tacos available by the dozen- bacon or sausage $25.00/doz 

If you need anything else to compliment your catered event, just ask!  We will try to accommodate you as best we can.
We would love to have 24 hours notice for events over 20 guests. Thanks! 

McKinney, TX